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Medscape ensuring patient safety through medical gas system Certification, Consulting, Preventive Maintenance, Equipment sales and Piped Medical Gas System Installations.

We are available 24/7 and make every effort to accommodate your different type of requirements. You can count on us to provide through, top quality work, products and professional advice. Providing comprehensive and accurate reports on time is a hallmark of our service.

Medical Gas Services provides regular, routine maintenance to keep equipment up and prevent the unexpected downtime and equipment failure.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

MedScape as the name suggests is an extensive view or representation of the medical world and the equipment installed in the field of medical Gas System. We at MedScape make sure that the best medical gas products such as Medical Air plant, Medical Vacuum plant, AGSS, Terminal units, AVSU, Area Alarm, medical gas piping networks and all type of Manifolds are delivered at your footsteps.

Medical gas systems are a standard feature of most healthcare facilities, and they require special  monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they are operating properly. Unlike other medical equipment and systems, their use of gas under pressure makes them vulnerable to a unique set of potential failures, which may not be readily apparent. This makes medical gas preventative maintenance critical to a problem-free working environment.

Core Values

Core Values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Our Services

Our Services

Project Management

Medscape medical equipment offers comprehensive solutions to create medical facilities that suit the client’s requests and requirements while adhering to industry environment standards

Medical Furniture

Medscape has brought original, contemporary designs of medical equipment's for healthcare environments.

Testing and commissioning

Medscape provides installation and commissioning of all kind of Medical Gas Equipment including designing, review process, supervision and end user trainings

Medical Gas Maintenance

At Medscape Medical Equipment, we advise our clients that a Planned Preventative Maintenance package for all Medical Gas Pipeline Systems can prolong the life expectancy

Medical Gas Equipments

Medscape offering high quality medical gas equipment to the Healthcare field. We are committed to providing an inventive medical gas equipment and piping products.

Piped Medical Gas System

Medical gas piping is an essential lifeline in many healthcare facilities. Hospitals, Surgery Centers and Dental Clinics are continued to build and renovate

Our Products

Our Products

Medscape offers an extensive line of all major manufactures medical gas systems & piping components.

Products List

Products List

  • Medical air plant
  • Medical vacuum plant
  • Medical AGSS plant
  • Medical Oxygen Manifold
  • Nitrous OXIDE manifold
  • Medical air manifold
  • Surgical air manifold
  • Entonox manifold
  • Co2 manifold
  • Mix gas manifold
  • High quality cylinders and regulators
  • Bed head unit
  • AVSU
  • Alarm panel
  • Medical gas terminal unit
  • Operation theater pendant
  • dental air plant
  • Dental vacuum plant
  • Medical furniture
  • Operation theater sliding doors


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